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Bring all your multichannel customer interactions in a single queue with unified view to the agents

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Multichannel Helpdesk Ticketing System


Consistent cross channel Customer experience is a must for all helpdesk

Customers should be able to effortlessly switch between multiple channels e.g. voice calls, email, chat etc...

Omni Channel Customer Support for Enhanced Efficiency

Seamless integration of all channels of communication into single view for agent ease


With keyword analysis ActivDesk helpdesk software, routes your support emails to right agents and easily transforms them into tickets. Define multiple mail boxes either to receive the emails or to send the notifications.


ActivDesk is a comprehensive single box solution with telephony features and the CRM. Answer all in-bound calls, record them & convert them to tickets.


Provide on the go support on the quickest channel "chat". Intelligent chatbot humanizes the conversation and can be easily transferred to the available agent whenever required.


With the advent & popularity of social media, its important that a brand is where its customers are. Social media integration allows the agents to respond to any customer post or tweet immediately.


Supervisors and admin can distribute the load of email, chat and call to the best available agents at the time of high work load hours. Agents can cater request from all channels and routing it to the right agents makes the issue to be addressed and resolved quickly.


Agents should be free from changing the screens to collect the customer information, they are complimented with all the information on a single platform. Through the multichannel support over voice, email and chat, they are able to deliver superior customer service


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