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Seamlessly capture and evaluate your customer support data through ActivDesk

Intelligent business insights for efficient management of customer service team

Analytics of ActivDesk make your tasks action-oriented

ActivDesk provides data for analytics that helps you to enhance your customer support information. You can get quick insights and reports, along with custom reporting necessary for your business. This will result in better forecasting and planning for the future.


Insights through a single click

The inbuilt reports of ActivDesk bring you a complete view of the performance of the support function. You can keep a track on the performance of your team, along with the relevant metrics. In the process, you will get the most essential data to enhance your customer experiences with just one click

Team Control Panels

Tailor your control panels to showcase the required metrics, and ensure your teams to take data-driven decisions to reach their support targets. A tailored control panel will enable your agent visibility into the tickets that seek prompt action, aid them instantly to give in, and support the team with enhancing the entire metrics. It on the other hand, encourage them to reach to the top of the leader board


Scheduling reports

You can set up schedules and get the relevant reports delivered to the inbox from time to time. The reports come in a PDF format, including data visualizations

Filters and operations

You can apply operations and filters to the data on the process. One can also get deeper insights from the data along with operations like ‘AND’, ‘OR’, and ‘NOT’. This will help you scrutinize even the complex data


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