Automate routine and mundane tasks

Make best use of your customer service team

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Free agents from repetitive tasks for better efficiency and quality of work

Customize your workflows

Prioritize the tickets automatically by customized workflows, keywords or the categories. Exclusively treat the tickets on customer category, IVR and create your own filter to reduce the waiting time of customers.

automate routine
automation ticket list

Intelligent load distributor

Auto assign the tickets to the agents and distribute the tickets via system defined rules to avoid the congestion and the overload to agents.


Events or time based follow ups

Keep your customer in loop by informing about the status of his ticket and unloading the agents by the interactions to know its current state. ActivDesk, actively automates the follow ups and notifications.

automation time based
swift response

Swift response in case of emergencies

Email and sms alerts for the team members incase of any outages which need to be notified and resolved ASAP. Set your own rules according to the events and whom to be informed.


Redefine the customer support

Multitasking automations

Execute multiple actions on a ticket simultaneously.

Keep in touch with customers

Predefined templates for quick replies

Skill based routing

Route tickets to right agents


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