enhance customer experience with service on the go

Assign to and get updates from field force on the go

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The ideal helpdesk should always be updated about interactions on & off the field


Better coordination between field technicians & helpdesk agents

Seamlessly assign tasks

Rapid scaling of your field workforce

Sort out problems and revert promptly

Field Teams

From your helpdesk, you can manage the service groups, add field technicians and get them deployed to the incident sites

Omnichannel Support

You can manage and track support tickets that are incoming from various channels in a single place

Services Responsibilities

One can assign, create and keep a track on service tasks for tickets requiring a field technician, to visit customers


Customer Support 360

With ActivDesk, you can get a clearer perspective of your clients and provide them with a better experience by sharing details with your technicians on field

Actionable Information

The advanced planning suite of ActivDesk makes sure that you will be having all the necessary information so that you can improve the quality of services


Strengthen the field technicians

Provide them with the right tools to work faster


Get the complete context on the process

Provide field updates

Manage your daily activities systematically


Running Updates

You can attach images, add notes, keep your service tasks updated and make sure that the agents remain in the loop through your handset.


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